Posted by: nancyteegardin | March 17, 2009

Planning – or at least trying!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day to you – from a conference room somewhere in Schaumberg, Illinois.  Today, I  sat through a Franklin Covey planning course that was pretty damn good.   I own a Franklin Covey planner, but have not updated it with 2009’s pages.   Herein lies the problem.  Optimism  often leads to disorganization or lack of planning –  because there’ll be time for that later, right?!

The hope is to bring the tools back to my Shaklee business partners, give a presentation and implement some proven practices.  Now, to just make that happen.  This is where I struggle.   I have decided I am a great idea person and struggle with implementation.  What’s up with that?  I have not had people waiting on me all my life.  I do for myself.  So why now is it soooo hard??   

I gotta run for now.  I hope to hold myself more accountable and spend less time rationalizing and believing my own bullshit.   Feel free to jump in and face your worst weaknesses.  You just know that misery loves company – ha ha ha.   Take care, happy St. Pats Day.  Don’t forget to take a minute to yourself and take a couple of those deep cleansing breaths.  🙂


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