Posted by: nancyteegardin | March 21, 2009

Ultimate Blog Party 2009!!

Ultimate Blog Party 2009

Ok kids – this is the real deal -Ultimate Blog Party 2009!   I heard of this through my friend JenniferBarry on Twitter and it is a very cool way to pay it forward.  I hope you join us. 

I am still learning how to post and add links and widgets – so pardon my baby blog!  

Spring has Sprung!  march-20-2009

Spring has sprung here in St. Louie and I am so happy!  This is a pic of a beautiful plant in our yard  taken this week.  The sad part means that it is also allergy season.  NOW  – do not go running to Walgreens for some drugs!  RESIST!   Forget those nasty pharmaceutical companies. 

I finally learned my lesson by listening to my Shaklee friends and taking Alfalfa – only after I made fun of it for months and had chronic sinusitus for just about forever.   Bottom line – it works.  It’s all natural. Its totally affordable – a little over a $1 a day.   Here’s a quick link    


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