Posted by: nancyteegardin | March 26, 2009


Am I the last person out there, that is NOT watching some reality show right now?  I know they’re all different, but honestly.   I’m a little miffed right now, because my husband, of all people, is downstairs glued to American Idol.  It’s amazing to me.  Ok – enough – if you wanted to hear complaining, you wouldn’t have come here.   I’m just sayin’!

You know I’m a pretty optimistic person.  I give everyone a chance until they screw it up.  Then we move on.  I’ve learned how to graciously cut losses with one way friends, aweful business associates and the like.  But, it’s a skill.    I actually found myself speechless- stop laughing- when a business associate got fired, rightfully so, but called me afterwards to network and all I could think was “Nancy, do not say lets stay in touch or anything hinting at a possible future conversation”.   It was hard.  Hopefully he sees the blessing. 

Uh oh – I hear the groan of Chuck getting off the couch- I’m out.  Otherwise, I wont get the clicker!    ah ahhahaaaa


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