Posted by: nancyteegardin | April 14, 2009


I grew up in a great family, in a nice home that was always in order.  Nothing sterile or unwelcoming, but everything had its place AND it was a warm welcoming place.  It was not done for us, my Mom expected us to keep our room clean and pick up after ourselves – probably even had some chores – although the only one I can remember right now is mowing the lawn and being so short that when I had to push with all my might, the handle was above my head and I was pushing and staring straight down at the freshly cut grass!  What a sight I must have been!  Anyway – going off track.

Somewhere along the way, the pile of clothes from my childhood bedroom, showed up in college dorm and first apartment.  Here I am 41 years old and I STILL can’t put my own clothes away – WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME??

So, I am pretty aware that I am not an organized person by nature, – my dearest friends probably just spit beer out their nose while reading this – but I do try.   I’ve come to realize that I spend more time on picking up the house and taking care of the kids and the husband and my stuff is always left half or un-done.


So here we are in full fledge, unadulterated Spring Cleaning Season!  Wheee! or Wheeze! 

I like the program and it definitely works.  But I fall off all of  the programs.  I have recently discovered a book on my Mom’s bookshelf, called, Home Comforts, by Cheryl Mendelson.  I could hug this woman.   Just listen to the first line in her Preface . . .

” When you keep house, you use your head, your heart, and your hands together to create a home – the place where you live the most important parts of your private life . . .Housekeeping is an art . . ”

Hey – I never thought of having a good attitude about housework! Talk about a lightbulb moment!  Here I was thinking I missed out on the gene that makes women so good at keeping the house running like a ship!!  I used to blame my 60 hour work week, then I blamed the kids and then the husband – but I realized its me not setting the right expectations and having way too much stuff.

So – I started this book on the drive back home to St. Louis from Chicago Easter Sunday evening and am very motivated!  I just had to share it with you.

I hope you go get this book- you can read more about the author and check out her other books at

Enjoy and Keep up the Good Fight! 



  1. I love that you are so human and willing to share with honesty this part of your life.

    If you conquer this let us know!
    Mary Ann

    • Mary Ann, thanks for your support! I’ve always been told that honesty counted, and I’ve realized how truely freeing it is – especially in matters like this – we women are our own worst critics! Blessings!

  2. thanks for the book ref..I just may take some time out for myself, have a coffee and read through it.

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