Posted by: nancyteegardin | April 19, 2009

Celtic Thunder – have you heard?

Today, I listened to my Mom read an article, a very detailed and thorough article,  from a Celtic Thunder fan from Nova Scotia.  She giggled like a school girl!  I will have to google the article and post it – to give proper credit to this girl who brought so much JOY to my Mom today! 

My Mom has become engrossed with the band, Celtic Thunder, a Phil Coulter and Sharon Browne production.  So much so, that she has forged new territory on the internet researching them on You Tube, Facebook and all over the ‘net! 

Now, I am not making light, there is something about celtic music that touches her and I very deeply.  Her fraternal grandparents were from Ireland, and she visited there with my Dad, who ran in their marathon, but  has since passed, and my brother Mike – so there are alot of very special connections.

She even  managed to find out that Celtic Thunder is performing two free concerts in Boston at Fan Pier on May 9th and 10th, inconjunction with the Volvo Ocean Race (!  Since she was born and raised there and my brother lives in Watertown, she is online, buying a ticket, right now!  And I am left wondering how in the world  I have one free round trip ticket left and it expires the weekend before – arghhh!!!  What a great way it would have been to spend Mother’s Day!  Anyway, it’s not over yet – I have some researching to do and see if I can still pull it off.

But if you enjoy musical performances, you must check out Celtic Thunder at .  They are fairly new, together for the second year, I believe, and all auditioned for their roles.  It is very well choreographed and produced- and they have quite the grueling tour schedule.  I hope they don’t crack!

Anyway, just a little follow up ont he house keeping-  I haven’t gotten much further than at least having a way better attitude about it and not feeling “drug down” by the whole thing.  Still loving the book, Home Comforts!   Cheers – I am off to continue the Sunday night routine.  I love Sundays, truely.


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