About Me

Wife of an avid tournament bass fisherman, chuck-hamming-it-up

Mom of twin 8 year old boys ( the third is their beloved cousin, Brady) 


As a career, a regi0nal Facilities Manager.  After hours, an Independant Distributor for Shaklee.  

Really, when it comes down to it, I love bringing people together and empowering people.   I had a great childhood – not without the normal trials, but now, as I raise my kids, I hope we give them the same love, support and nurturing that I had. 

I absolutely hate apathy.  I don’t understand it.  Lack of action is absolutely inexecusable.  I am trying hard to be easier on people who find it hard to speak up or to take action. 

I am a Christian.  For those of you who roll your eyes,   I didn’t say I was a preacher and  I’m no saint, but I think its important to stand up and say it and not hide it or deny it.  I’m just a very simple sinner who tries every day to pray more, swear less, do the speed limit at least 50% of the time, just plain be kinder and try to remember that God put me here and one day I will stand before Him.  (holy crap)  Like that funny email that went around about the woman driving the car with the christian fish on the back window and the private school logo decal, but she was speeding and experiencing a bunch of road rage – so she got pulled over and jailed and the cop later apologized saying, he was sure the car must be stolen – CLASSIC!

My dream, in addition to curing cancer and world hunger, is for my family to be as self-sufficient as possible.  Get out of debt, grow some veggies and fruits, own some solar panels and rain barrels.  Teach my kids to appreciate the earth and the sheer power of nature.

Somewhere along the way, I became addicted to watching the weather.  I don’t mean like old people sitting around and talking about the weather.  I mean storm spotting and reporting.  Taking pictures of insane pre-tornadic clouds.  I think it came out of my day job and prepping for disaster recovery.

I have a great family and a few very close dear, intimate friends and a whole ton of  social, casual friends.  I am blessed, I am lucky, I am greatful.


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