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Stressed out Soccer Moms

I’m going to talk about something that is just NOT talked about out loud.   You know those well-dressed, kind, soccer moms that shuttle their kids around everywhere?  THEY ARE STRESSED OUT!  Now, this may be you and you may be saying, ‘no kidding’, but honestly, why are we spending so much time taking care of everyone else, but not ourselves?  SAY NO!  Especially if its something for the kids.  They are going to have to learn at some point in life about the word “no” and how to cope.

Now, those of you that know me personally, will seriously laugh out loud. Because although I say “no” to my kids alot, it is nearly impossible to say “no” to the school or friends or family that need my time or ear or whatever. 

BUT, thats not the point.  The point is WHY are we pretending or trying to be something we are not for everyone else, but yet amongst ourselves, we are commiserating about the unhappiness, stress, etc.???  And I am talking about God fearing, trustworthy people here.  What didn’t we learn?  Why aren’t we changing it now? 

A wonderful switch got tripped when I turned 40 and I FINALLY got comfortable in my own skin.  I suddenly was ok if everyone didn’t like me.  I realized I could say ‘no’.  I realized that I was the grown up and controlled my world – of course, I know that God controls my world, but you know what I mean -I realized that I had to change my choices, priorities and everything else that I knew.

And guess what.  It is true.  As soon as you make YOURSELF a priority, everyone else around you will, too.  I know you’ve heard it all before, I did, too, but until you IMPLEMENT actions that show your time as valuable, you will be stuck in the stressed out soccer mom rut.

I implemented some daily computer time for research or socializing, added some walking with the neighbors to lose the winter 15 most recently, and most importantly, about a year ago, I starting taking my health seriously and starting taking Shaklee supplements.  What a difference these steps have made in my life.   I should note that I have already gone through my crisis of faith, which made my faith stronger – but thats a whole ‘nother post.  But my faith and prayer are HUGE parts of my daily routine.  

There are so many choices out there to help you deal with stress, that sometimes no choice is the easist choice.   Please STOP and look at your choices.   The first step is being honest with yourself, and stopping your belief in your own bologna.    It’s hard, and unless you have an awesome best friend who knows you better than yourself, you may never look inward.

I hope you:

1) Put it in God’s hands, and ask him to take it off your shoulders;

2) Stop the madness – whatever it is that makes you the most nuts;

3) Make time for yourself, make your family make time for YOU;

4) Breathe deeply;

5)  Get serious about your health and what you put into your body, we have it for such a short time.

You’re doing great.  You will make it through it.  We have the kids for a short time before they’re off conquering the world, so get to know them – sit and watch and listen to them.  Its hard to do, but the housework will wait.

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It is with great embarrassment (not to mention HUGE disappointment), that I tell you Sharon Browne has clarified that “the guys” will be returning home to Ireland the weekend of May 10, as Damian has exams that very next week, so they will NOT be in Boston.

I thought I had verified the information thoroughly enough, but, obviously, I couldn’t be more wrong. 

I will not post the name of the Rep from the Volvo Ocean Race, who confirmed on at least two separate occasions that CT would be performing during the VOR’s stop over in Boston – BUT YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!!! And I am a believer that it all comes full circle, dammit!  I’m sorry, I know that’s not nice in any way, but I was sooooooo looking forward to finally seeing Celtic Thunder with my Mom and to make it worse,  I’ve inadvertently psyched a bunch of Thunderheads up for absolutely nothing. 

Please, accept my sincerest and deepest apologies.    I’m not speechless often, but being humbled by my mistake, I can only find myself apologizing.


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Celtic Thunder – have you heard?

Today, I listened to my Mom read an article, a very detailed and thorough article,  from a Celtic Thunder fan from Nova Scotia.  She giggled like a school girl!  I will have to google the article and post it – to give proper credit to this girl who brought so much JOY to my Mom today! 

My Mom has become engrossed with the band, Celtic Thunder, a Phil Coulter and Sharon Browne production.  So much so, that she has forged new territory on the internet researching them on You Tube, Facebook and all over the ‘net! 

Now, I am not making light, there is something about celtic music that touches her and I very deeply.  Her fraternal grandparents were from Ireland, and she visited there with my Dad, who ran in their marathon, but  has since passed, and my brother Mike – so there are alot of very special connections.

She even  managed to find out that Celtic Thunder is performing two free concerts in Boston at Fan Pier on May 9th and 10th, inconjunction with the Volvo Ocean Race (!  Since she was born and raised there and my brother lives in Watertown, she is online, buying a ticket, right now!  And I am left wondering how in the world  I have one free round trip ticket left and it expires the weekend before – arghhh!!!  What a great way it would have been to spend Mother’s Day!  Anyway, it’s not over yet – I have some researching to do and see if I can still pull it off.

But if you enjoy musical performances, you must check out Celtic Thunder at .  They are fairly new, together for the second year, I believe, and all auditioned for their roles.  It is very well choreographed and produced- and they have quite the grueling tour schedule.  I hope they don’t crack!

Anyway, just a little follow up ont he house keeping-  I haven’t gotten much further than at least having a way better attitude about it and not feeling “drug down” by the whole thing.  Still loving the book, Home Comforts!   Cheers – I am off to continue the Sunday night routine.  I love Sundays, truely.

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I grew up in a great family, in a nice home that was always in order.  Nothing sterile or unwelcoming, but everything had its place AND it was a warm welcoming place.  It was not done for us, my Mom expected us to keep our room clean and pick up after ourselves – probably even had some chores – although the only one I can remember right now is mowing the lawn and being so short that when I had to push with all my might, the handle was above my head and I was pushing and staring straight down at the freshly cut grass!  What a sight I must have been!  Anyway – going off track.

Somewhere along the way, the pile of clothes from my childhood bedroom, showed up in college dorm and first apartment.  Here I am 41 years old and I STILL can’t put my own clothes away – WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME??

So, I am pretty aware that I am not an organized person by nature, – my dearest friends probably just spit beer out their nose while reading this – but I do try.   I’ve come to realize that I spend more time on picking up the house and taking care of the kids and the husband and my stuff is always left half or un-done.


So here we are in full fledge, unadulterated Spring Cleaning Season!  Wheee! or Wheeze! 

I like the program and it definitely works.  But I fall off all of  the programs.  I have recently discovered a book on my Mom’s bookshelf, called, Home Comforts, by Cheryl Mendelson.  I could hug this woman.   Just listen to the first line in her Preface . . .

” When you keep house, you use your head, your heart, and your hands together to create a home – the place where you live the most important parts of your private life . . .Housekeeping is an art . . ”

Hey – I never thought of having a good attitude about housework! Talk about a lightbulb moment!  Here I was thinking I missed out on the gene that makes women so good at keeping the house running like a ship!!  I used to blame my 60 hour work week, then I blamed the kids and then the husband – but I realized its me not setting the right expectations and having way too much stuff.

So – I started this book on the drive back home to St. Louis from Chicago Easter Sunday evening and am very motivated!  I just had to share it with you.

I hope you go get this book- you can read more about the author and check out her other books at

Enjoy and Keep up the Good Fight! 

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So, in all the hustle and bustle of the day to day grind, I am stopping for a minute to share an Easter article.

You should be forewarned, it is NOT your average pastel-colored, cute kid,  Easter type of article, but a thought-provoking, stirring article and ensuing discussion thread.

My friend, Lou, send it over and I thought it was fantastic.   I hope you’ll share it with others.

I believe in the Triune God, and that Jesus died for our sins.  This is the real reason for Easter. 

These  discussions with my 8 year old boys are not easy, when it comes to this stuff – but their innocent and true belief reminds me how to be. 

I still made the mad dash to Target today, don’t get me wrong, to get their chocolate bunnies and some jelly beans – but that’s it.  I try so hard to keep it simple.  We’ll color and hide eggs at Grammys, enjoy a beautiful church service and try to stay focused on Jesus’ death and resurrection for us.  

I hope you do, too.   Don’t put the pressure on yourself to get all kinds of Easter gifts  – bring them to church, spend face time with them, play like a kid and say your prayers together each night. 

Now, back to work.  It looks like the storms are rolling in.  I hope you all have a great day and Easter weekend!

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Am I the last person out there, that is NOT watching some reality show right now?  I know they’re all different, but honestly.   I’m a little miffed right now, because my husband, of all people, is downstairs glued to American Idol.  It’s amazing to me.  Ok – enough – if you wanted to hear complaining, you wouldn’t have come here.   I’m just sayin’!

You know I’m a pretty optimistic person.  I give everyone a chance until they screw it up.  Then we move on.  I’ve learned how to graciously cut losses with one way friends, aweful business associates and the like.  But, it’s a skill.    I actually found myself speechless- stop laughing- when a business associate got fired, rightfully so, but called me afterwards to network and all I could think was “Nancy, do not say lets stay in touch or anything hinting at a possible future conversation”.   It was hard.  Hopefully he sees the blessing. 

Uh oh – I hear the groan of Chuck getting off the couch- I’m out.  Otherwise, I wont get the clicker!    ah ahhahaaaa

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Save, Save, Save!

Logged on to my boys’ school website this morning and saw this article on SA VING MONEY! on  my home page. 

 I thought it was worth sharing, as we all try to do better at saving!   Have a blessed day!’re-Wasting-Money-On

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Ultimate Blog Party 2009!!

Ultimate Blog Party 2009

Ok kids – this is the real deal -Ultimate Blog Party 2009!   I heard of this through my friend JenniferBarry on Twitter and it is a very cool way to pay it forward.  I hope you join us. 

I am still learning how to post and add links and widgets – so pardon my baby blog!  

Spring has Sprung!  march-20-2009

Spring has sprung here in St. Louie and I am so happy!  This is a pic of a beautiful plant in our yard  taken this week.  The sad part means that it is also allergy season.  NOW  – do not go running to Walgreens for some drugs!  RESIST!   Forget those nasty pharmaceutical companies. 

I finally learned my lesson by listening to my Shaklee friends and taking Alfalfa – only after I made fun of it for months and had chronic sinusitus for just about forever.   Bottom line – it works.  It’s all natural. Its totally affordable – a little over a $1 a day.   Here’s a quick link    

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Day 2 of our meetings in Schaumberg and we’re getting alot done.  The hard part is using the 1o minute breaks to actually use the bathroom, call my husband, talk to the kids who are home on Spring Break, grab a water, check voicemails and be back on time. 

I’m sure you know exactly what I’m talking about.  Juggling.   It’s hard to make sure that the people closest to us, know how important they really are to you.  ie. does my husband knows how much he is appreciated – I always ask about the kids first. 

Anyway, all of the annoying marathon analogies are correct.  It’s a long run, with some flat ground, some hills and if you don’t pace yourself or have the right balance, you don’t make it.   

I  have gotten some great training in my life – first from my parents, of course.  Some good experiences in school and church and then at The Home Depot.  Home Depot had a great week of Orientation Training that, 15 years later, I still remember.  

The truth of the matter is that no one, and I mean no one,  is going to tell you something new about core values and best practices.  It’s all been around for a long time, and it’s just a matter of  timing – when will you be ready to listen and practice this stuff.  Not until you, yourself, are ready, will you make the changes in your day to day thinking and actions and move forward. 

I have to remind myself often that the definition of insanity is to do the same thing over and over again and expect different results from the same old actions.  ~HA !

The weather had been very sunny and warm for the last 2.5 days and it turned gray and dreary – as I gazed out the office windows – away from the overhead projection of our P&L review exercise. 

Thanks for stopping to read.  You are appreciated.  Don’t forget it and be sure to treat yourself well- in any little way you can!

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Planning – or at least trying!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day to you – from a conference room somewhere in Schaumberg, Illinois.  Today, I  sat through a Franklin Covey planning course that was pretty damn good.   I own a Franklin Covey planner, but have not updated it with 2009’s pages.   Herein lies the problem.  Optimism  often leads to disorganization or lack of planning –  because there’ll be time for that later, right?!

The hope is to bring the tools back to my Shaklee business partners, give a presentation and implement some proven practices.  Now, to just make that happen.  This is where I struggle.   I have decided I am a great idea person and struggle with implementation.  What’s up with that?  I have not had people waiting on me all my life.  I do for myself.  So why now is it soooo hard??   

I gotta run for now.  I hope to hold myself more accountable and spend less time rationalizing and believing my own bullshit.   Feel free to jump in and face your worst weaknesses.  You just know that misery loves company – ha ha ha.   Take care, happy St. Pats Day.  Don’t forget to take a minute to yourself and take a couple of those deep cleansing breaths.  🙂

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